On-page seo basics

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It takes a lot of factors to get a good ranking on the major search engines of today. This article will help you on the right way. Your main focus should of course be on writing the best possible text for your reader. In the following I will focus on the stucture you need to address on the page. One thing you can do on the page itself is the following steps : 

  1. page-title
  2. Headings
  3. meta description

Page title

The html title tag has a significant importance on the understanding of your page. Many CMS allows you to control the exact value of the title-tag. In Drupal when you use the metatag modules (of course you do) you can add the Metatag Head Title module to enable exact control of the html title tag.

Headings on the page

You must have a strong discipline about h-tags on your page. There should be 1 and only 1 H1 tag. Then depending on the size of your content there should be H2, H3 and H4 tags to devide your page onto readable sections. Readability is an important visual issue. Many CMS has a mishabit of using h-tags for other strucutral elements than titles. I have seen examples of h2 tags being added to paginators and afterwards being visually hidden with CSS!?? This should be avoided. Check the html structure of your page for this kind of mistakes.

Meta descriptions

There are a world of information available when you dig into metatags and structural data like the ones described on schema.org. The first one that should have your attention is the meta description tag. It should be in the head section of your page and it should give a short descriptive summary of what the reader would expect when reading the page. There are many online tools on the web to help you optimize the different parts of seo. On this following page you can get help with the description tag.

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